Learn the basic techniques up to freestyle like a professional and with a high fun factor.

Your kids can participate in our snowboard courses once they reach 8 years of age. For cool kids ages 6 and 7, private instructors are available who adapt to their special needs and learning behaviour.


We also have the optimal programme for adults, no matter whether you would like to learn to snowboard, are a returnee or you call yourself an advanced player. We will stand by your side from the moment you start as a beginner until you become a snowboard expert.


Learning aids such as rods, ropes, hoops, cones, stubbies, etc. are all integrated into the lessons.


Learn about safety and proper behaviour on and off the slope. Drifting, carving, jibbing, airs, fakies, indies, grabs, ollies, 180°'s, 360°'s,…


Prices are in Euro including VAT 1 day 2 days 3 days + days *
3 hours 50,- € 95,- € 130,- € 30,- €

Afternoon courses on request

Lesson times

3 hours: 10.00 - 13.00

* Extra days possible for children & adults with 3 or more days of lessons.


FAMILY DISCOUNT for 3 people and more

5 days for 3 hours each, € 10.00 per person
3 days for 3 hours each, € 5.00 per person
5 days for 2 hours each, € 5.00 per person


We recommend that all participants wear helmets and back protectors!

Group lessons

Group lessons based on 4 participants. For fewer participants, the lesson time is shortened. Group size up to 8 participants. Especially during holiday periods, this cannot be 100% guaranteed. All prices are per person and include 19% VAT.

Discount for groups of 5 people and more:

Groups get a discount of 5 %



Our practice terrain is part of the ski school and is available only for our course participants!

The ski slopes and our practice terrain are located right behind the ski school office and are connected with a total of 9 ski lifts and 32 kilometres of slopes offering skiing pleasure with guaranteed snow.

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Learning levels



Snowboarders without previous experience, anxious returnees


  • Moving around on flat terrain and on gentle slopes
  • Safe falling and standing up
  • First attempts at slipping, sliding and hopping
  • Braking and stopping
  • Using the ski lift

Practice on ski school terrain and first lift rides



Independent braking and driving on easy blue slopes


  • Lateral and diagonal sliding
  • Learning and solidifying initial turns
  • Switch riding
  • Making turns with initial freestyle elements
  • Initial sliding over easy fun park boxes
  • Jumping over small humps/ski jumps

Practice at the lift (blue slope)


Safe and speedy skiing on all blue slopes


  • Confident turning on blue slopes
  • Riding with variable track setting
  • Intensified use of edges on hard/icy slopes
  • Turning on edge/carving
  • Getting familiar with other park obstacles

Practice on blue and red slopes



Safe and speedy skiing on all slopes


  • Confident quick athletic skiing
  • Freeride: riding in deep snow, on mogul slopes or steep slopes
  • Park & style: jumping over ski jumps with rotations, mastering different slide tricks over boxes/rails
  • Riding in open terrain

Practice on all slopes - mainly red and black