Welcome to the Iseler Ski School in Oberjoch

Ski school, snowboard school and ski rental - all in one location right at the slope.

No matter how old you are, we will show you the right tech­nique to use so you can con­fi­dently enjoy the fantastic slopes in Oberjoch, free of anxiety and with plenty of fun. Optimal group sizes make it easy for you to achieve quick lear­ning pro­gress.


A ski holiday should also be an un­for­gettable ex­peri­ence for children. In addition to our mascot ZIMI, our peda­gogi­cally trained ski instruc­tors create lessons which are very easy, diversi­fied and full of ad­ven­ture.


Our in-house practice terrain is available to course partici­pants only and allows you to learn in a calm setting.

The ski slopes and our practice terrain are located right behind the ski school office. A total of five modern moun­tain lift systems with over 30 kilo­metres of slopes offer skiing pleasure with guaran­teed snow.


Personal consul­tation and support are top priority for us. Our team of over 50 ski and snow­board instruc­tors looks forward to seeing you!